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RFID investigation IN AIRPORTS


Under the Government initiative, the eBaggage project was launched on November 2006. The Project aimed to investigate the usage of RFID in airport environment especially in the Baggage Handling Area. Due to the strong advantages of RFID when compared to existing barcode technology, it is forecasted that RFID will probably replace the barcode in this very near future.

But in terms of real airport environment, a real test must be conducted. A technology proof test, environment inteference test, read rate test, operational influence test, efficiency improvement test, and other related tests must be conducted prior to a system-wide Baggage RFID implementation. The eBaggage project was separated into a few phases to complete this investigation.



Senstech RFID Sdn.Bhd, flag bearer of the project and FEC International are working closely with Malaysia Airports (Sepang ) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia Airlines, Cathay Pacific with the cooperation from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). RFID will soon be the next core technology not only to deliver bags to the right destination and minimize lost bags but to also enhance customer experience and more importantly, to make the airport operation more efficient.

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