Forex Trading Apps

Forex trading is a popular activity in Malaysia, especially with the numerous brokers who provide trading platforms and services in the country. Some international brokers also accept traders from Malaysia, making it one of the most sought after trading markets around the world. Online forex trading has been made easy with developers coming up with apps which are more user-friendly and with advanced features, such as take profit or stop loss, helping the traders save on time and concentrate on other things after opening a trade. This article will focus on trading app reviews in Malaysia by FxExplained with a focus on the top apps and what to look out for when choosing one.

What to Consider

Forex trading is a risky investment, and you want the best experience from a trading platform, especially an app. The following are three useful tips to help you identify a trustworthy and reliable trading app:

  • Customer support

A good forex broker offers excellent customer support to the clients; hence, before investing your money, make sure that you have an idea of the quality of experience provided by the broker. Excellent customer support includes live chat or a reliable call line.

  • Easy deposit and withdrawal interface

A good trading app should have an interface where customers can deposit and withdraw their profits with minimal hassle. You would not want to install an app which always requires you to access the broker’s website for simple processes such as deposit, withdrawal or customer support.

  • Special features

Nowadays, apps are being developed with unique features which enable users to get the maximum value and seamless trading experience. These features may include stop loss/take profit where the trader sets limits and leaves the app to close the trade on its own and push notifications when prices change, among other features.