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The MM Chip is an abbreviation of the Malaysia Micro Chip, and it is an RFID chip borne from the “MM Project”, a Malaysian national RFID project.  The MM Chip is applicable as a solution to a wide range of clients with a combination of various types of products.

Starting from an original protocol idea, which focuses on multiband capability and security function, the chip evolves to incorporate the world's current Class1 Generation2 (C1G2) standard.



ORIGINAL PROTOCOL CHIP: MM1 and MM2 Multiband Microchip

The MM1 is a passive type RFID chip that offers the “Multiband” function.

  1. Realize high security data transmission because of the original Air Interface Protocol technology
  2. This single chip can operate on a wide range of frequency, from 10MHz to 2.5GHz.
  3. Mounted with 1k bits of memory capacity (user area is 768bits)
  4. Reading and writing using the exclusive MM1 R/W
  5. Examples of application: Room access control, item-level tagging, paper-level tagging

The MM2 was then developed , and it is an RFID chip which in the security portion of MM1 has been enhanced.

  1. Using an original algorithm for coding and decryption, realizes an even stronger security
  2. Examples of application: High security access control, highly confidential documents embedding, bank notes, etc.



The recently developed MM3 is a UHF (860-960MHz) international standard compliant, passive type RFID chip. It was developed due to the influence in the RFID market in which a chip that complies with international standards such as the EPC and ISO has become the mainstream choice.

    1. Air Interface Protocol complies to EPCglobal Class1 Generation2
    2. Mounted a user area besides the EPC area
    3. Reading multiple tags with anti-collision
    4. Reading and writing using EPCglobal Class1 Generation2 compliant R/W
    5. Examples of application:  distribution, SCM, airport tags, etc.


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