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The On-Chip-Antenna (OCA) technology is a formation of the antenna on top of the chip without connection to external antenna which allows the chip to communicate on its own.  This technology is applied to the original protocol of MM1 and MM2, which gives a non-conventional new solution to clients.


  1. Applicable chip: MM1 or MM2
  2. Operating frequency: UHF or 2.45GHz
  3. Size: 0.7×0.7×0.07 mm
  4. Communication distance: close contact



OCA Advantages

  1. Applicable for RFID to be used in narrow/thin places where previously it was not possible to embed IC chips
  2. Embedding into papers made possible by the chip’s amazing 0.07mm thickness
  3. Offers solution to the chip communication issue (the gap between the chip and the antenna)
  4. Optional extension of communication distance available using the booster antenna


OCA Applied Technology

The RFID technology is an important technology to realize the ubiquitous society, and presently, thanks to the development of SCM, electrical goods, medicine, apparel, livestock and every other things can now be connected to a network.

Items and goods visibilty, which was impossible previously, is now doable using various AutoID methods, in particular RFID, where the RFID chips are getting more smaller while reducing its cost.

FEC Group, jointly with the Oji Group and Toppan Forms Co., Ltd, are developing the “IC Paper” technology to embed the OCA into papers.  The IC Paper will additionally contribute to the ubiquitous society where paper or documents are turning electronic without compromising security.

Examples of application:  Certificates, bank notes, cheques, etc.

Please contact FEC International for product’s specifications and demo.