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We endorse the use of these readers, as we have deployed their usage in various implementation field.

RFID Handheld Reader Solution

A Ruggedized handheld running on latest CPU that equipped with robust wireless and scanning options.

A ruggedized handheld with fixed reader class performance and excellent read range.

A durable handheld reader that offers superior performance & accurate operation.

URP-SK110 handheld RFID reader is specifically designed for industrial applications.


Fixed Reader Solution

High powered UHF Reader Writer that features High-Level API, HDD backup and lots more.


A smart RFID Reader which supports up to 8 antennas and suitable for longer read range application.



Integrate Reader Solution

CS203ETHER Integrated RFID Reader
A versatile Fixed Reader with Ethernet connection that features left and right hand circular polarization.


FS-GM251 (Indoor POS Reader)
Embedded with a high-tech Favite FS-GM201 Compact UHF RFID module, FS-GM251 is an outstanding device that support desktop reading and writing.


FS-GM252 (Outdoor Integrated Reader)
Embedded with a high-tech Favite FS-GM201 Compact UHF RFID module, FS-GM252 is an outstanding device that support outdoor reading and writing.



RFID Printer

GT4xxe series
Fast printing speed of 12 inch/sec and high-speed data transmission make the GTe the fastest thermal barcode printer in its class. The GTe Series has an easy to use LCD display and intuitive keypad to simplify training and increase productivity.


Please contact FEC International for product’s specifications and demo.