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  PRODUCTS: UHF Tag Special Form

FEC's UHF Tags

To correspond to special application, we are offering various kind of tag. We will propose the most suitable tag according to the content of the customer's demand.

Wire / Rubber / Flex / Ring etc.

Wire Tag
Originally designed for automotive industry application and in its basic form it is an excellent choice for industrial laundry application.

Rubber Industrial Tag
With its flexible wire antenna encapsulated in vulcanized rubber, this unique industrial tag can be integrated in many form factors including steel cables, large number O-Rings and steel bands.

Flex Tag
Originally developed for automotive industry application and has a unique combination of strength and flexibility not previously seen with other passive RFID tags.

Other Special Tag
UHF tags in special form such as ring and wrap type that applicable for various applications.


On-Metal Tag

PROX - Short Range
It is designed for RFID asset tracking application with over 8-foot read range in metallic or non-metallic environments even on the smallest of your high-value assets.


FLEX - Mid Range
It is designed to provide high-performance RFID tag identification in metallic or non-metallic environments with a low profile and a read range of over 16 feet.


MAX - Long Range
It is available in a wide selection of form factors, depending on application requirements with an outstanding performance on, off and near metal.


Other Tag

Laundry Tag
Able to operate in a wide range of temperature and easy to apply, these tags are absolute choice to be implemented in laundry management system.

Animal Tag
An excellent choice for livestock management application with long read range and embedded into a durable form.


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