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Malaysia Microchip Committee ~ FEC Group

 Exhibition in IC CARD WORLD 2005
Malaysia Microchip Committee and FEC Group

The Malaysia Microchip Committee (Chairman: Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Prime Minister of Malaysia, MMC) and FEC Group (Headed by Mr. Kunioki Ichioka, Managing Director), a company engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of an ultra small-sized IC chip with integrated antenna (dubbed ‘MM Chip'), have participated and exhibited our products at IC CARD WORLD 2005 (organized by Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc.).


The event has been held at Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo , Japan from March 1st to March 4th 2005 .

MMC and FEC Group have introduced and demonstrated the MM Chip at our booth in the particular event.

For details of the event, please refer to the following site:

The event

The event was a big congregation of RFID manufacturers, suppliers, system integrators, solution providers, machinery suppliers, tag makers, inlay makers as well as chip makers such as FEC Inc. Totally there were 73 exhibitors in this particular event that captured about 152,644 visitors throughout the event. IC CARD WORLD is the only exhibition in Japan that features smart card industry and RFID industry together combined.

Introduction to the FEC Group demonstration

•  IC Paper

IC Paper demonstration was the most attractive point in FEC booth. The IC paper itself is a technology to marvel upon; the 70?m thick chip is instilled in a thread of paper without any antenna attached. Even the visitors can hardly find the bump of MM Chip on the paper since it is very thin.

The IC Paper demonstration proved that MM Chip has a superior small size resulting in the possibility to develop applications that requires embedding technology.

In addition to cost reduction, MM Chip offers the best solution to implement unique identification in documents requiring security, such as bank checks, securities certificates as well as currency notes.

At IC CARD WORLD 2005, a sample of Malaysia road tax was demonstrated. IC paper is incorporated with the road tax sample together with a PDA type reader for enforcement official usage. This exposition showed that the road tax is virtually clone-proof with MM Chip (operating by on-chip antenna at 2.45GHz) embedded inside of it.

Photograph 1: IC paper for Demonstration

Note: Zixsys Inc., Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. and Oji Paper Co., Ltd. cooperated in this demonstration and in the development of related technologies.

•  Multiband tag

This time around, Toppan Forms Co. Ltd., as FEC official partner, has also exhibited MM Chip at their booth. Focus was given on demonstration of Multiband tag, in which the Multiband tag (13.56MHz, UHF and 2.45GHz) with readers in different frequencies is used.

This demonstration is a proof of concept in which MM Chip is operable in different frequencies with correct antenna connection.

This demonstration also concluded that currently MM Chip is the only solution for Multiband operation with a single RFID chip. With that being said, various applications, including the Airport Baggage Tag would be an ideal starting point of the chip's applications.

Photograph 2: Demonstration system (Multiband tag) in Toppan Forms booth

Note : Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. cooperated in the preparation of the demonstration.

•  13.56MHz RFID devices

Apart from the cutting-edge MM Chip, FEC booth was also exhibiting their existing products, such as RFID reader/writer, OEM modules and TV antennas. These products have been established in the market and are actually part of big RFID-enabled systems such as the K- CASH system in South Korea .

FEC latest product, which is the HRWI, was also displayed. HRWI is to date FEC smallest (22 mm x 27mm x 5mm) reader/writer module for ISO-15693 compliant tags. Production of this particular product is expected some time around middle of 2005. FEC also plans to develop Ethernet-enabled and Long-Range reader/writers in near future.

For further enquiries regarding the above, kindly forward your enquiries to us.