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Press Release, Nov 8 2004 by Malaysia Microchip Committee & FEC Group for:

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Exhibition at Smart Labels Asia 2004 by the Malaysia Microchip Committee and FEC Group ( With Keynote Speech by Dr. Mahathir, Advisor to MMC )

The Malaysia Microchip Committee (Chairman: Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Prime Minister of Malaysia, MMC) and FEC Group (Headed by Mr. Kunioki Ichioka, Managing Director), a company engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of ultra small sized antenna and IC chips, announce that they will participate and exhibit their products at Smart Labels Asia 2004 (organized by IDTechEx), the largest RFID related event in Asia, to be held at the Rihga Royal Hotel, Tokyo from November 9 to 11, 2004.

MMC and FEC Group will set up an exhibition booth in the Smart Labels Asia event to introduce and demonstrate the MM Chip* 1) , and to present on the strategy of MM Project* 2) .

For details, please refer to the following site:

Smart Labels Asia 2004

•  Introduction to the demonstration

•  Multiband *3)

As a proof of concept, we demonstrate the usage of MM Chip in baggage tagging across two different airports, taking advantage of the multiband function of the MM Chip, Presently, pilot tests are being conducted in Airport Baggage Handling systems using IC Tags all around the world. However, different countries use different frequencies for their airports. For example, in Japan it is 13.56MHZ while the United States uses the UHF Band or 2.45GHZ. Placing different readers/writers for each frequency at different airports would be very costly. The multiband MM Chip will greatly reduce the cost of installation.

In the demonstration, we introduce several example solutions where frequency of MM Chip differs depending on the airport or country. Sample baggage tags with MM Chip operating in 13.56MHz, UHF and 2.45GHz are used. On the other hand, two readers are set at 13.56MHz and 2.45GHz respectively. We show how a multiband baggage tag can be read by different readers set at different frequency at two different airports.

Photograph of the demonstration system


Note : Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. cooperated in the preparation of the airport baggage tags.

•  IC Paper

In most paper applications, RFID inlets are sandwiched between sheets of paper. With IC paper using the MM Chip, it is possible to incorporate the chip into the paper during the paper manufacturing process. We have succeeded for the first time in the world in producing such paper. In addition to cost reduction, it has become possible to use chips in documents requiring security, and in checks, securities certificates and paper currency.

At Smart Labels Asia 2004, we will demonstrate the usage of IC paper in road tax authentication system where MM Chip is embedded into the road tax paper. The MM Chip used comes with a form factor of 0.5 x 0.5mm and on-chip antenna technology at 2.45GHz.

Photograph of IC paper for Demonstration


Zixsys Inc., Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. and Oji Paper Co., Ltd. cooperated in this demonstration and in the development of related technologies.

•  Keynote Speech by Dr Mahathir at Smart Labels Asia Conference

Dr. Mahathir, Advisor to the MM Committee, is scheduled to give a keynote address at the conference session on November 11, 2004 , while FEC Inc. will give a technical presentation.

Dr. Mahathir's address is titled “ Malaysia RFID Vision Towards Year 2020 ”, and explains the importance of Asian countries in the RFID industry, Malaysian national strategies through the MM Project and the vision of Malaysia toward the construction of Ubiquitous Society.

FEC Inc.'s presentation in the technical session titled “The MM Chip Today and Tomorrow”, explains the superiority of on-chip antenna technology and multi-band (13.56 MHz, UHF and 2.45 GHz) and their vision of the next generation MM Chip.


Explanation of terms:

*1) MM Chip: Abbreviation of Multi-band Microchip and Malaysia Microchip

*2) MM Project: A Malaysian national project with the purpose of promoting and leading the creation of a Ubiquitous Society from Malaysia to the world.

*3) Multiband: One of the functions of the MM chip. One single chip can support all frequencies in the range 13.56 MHz to 2.45 GHz.


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You can also view some images from the exhibition by clicking here.