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The Development of RFID with MM Chip Technology by FEC (M) SDN. BHD.A Venture Between Malaysia and Japanese Partners

Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, September 9, 2003-In the trend of fast moving technology where people are getting faster, smarter and receptive, Malaysia is on the edge of performing a new feat in the world of high technology. Malaysia will be part of the ubiquitous world by being among the first few in the world to carry out a national project with the establishment and promotion of MM chip (contactless custom micro chip) using RFID technology. The Project is a national strategy to achieve Malaysia's' “Vision 2020' and named as “MM Project".

Malaysia in collaboration with a group of Japanese companies including FEC (M) SDN BHD, will develop its own contact-less MM CHIP and a system application infrastructure to benefit the world. It will create chips the size of under 0.5 mm square that can be embedded in papers and other products that will be available worldwide. In this respect, the technology would be at its highest level of development.

The project targets to enrich the Malaysian community. It will create greater Value to the Malaysian economy in the distribution sectors, import and export, environmental and other potential sectors. This project involve the application of RFID technology that will move the existing industries to a new phase in creating savings in terms of time, space and cost. Consequently the resulting innovation and productivity will spur growth and competitiveness worldwide.

Today security becomes a very grave and urgent issue. With the need for Greater security at airports and other transport terminals, the current security Level provided by available system is insufficient. By the application of OUR RFID technology combined with the current technology will greatly prevent the possibilities of terrorist acts.

With the cooperation of our Japanese partners technical know how, the FEC MM Chip may be incorporated into currencies that will eliminate counterfeiting activities.

The basic plan of the joint-venture between Malaysia and the Japanese Partners, is to establish a platform for the application of basic technology of RFID chip before December 2003. From 2004 onwards various government agencies will work with the private sectors to enhance greater application of this very advance chip technology. This include development of “Technical Know How" of application system, network establishment and infrastructure system throughout Malaysia. The RFID high-technology will be offered to the world.

It is expected that the cost of the micro IC chip estimated to be less than 10 cts (US) or 38 sent Malaysia, will see the turning point of this development in the market. This MM chip project when materialize is the first ever in the world and will be the forerunner of the ubiquitous world.

This RFID chip technology is indispensable to Malaysia in order to achieve our vision 2020. We are expecting that this project will initiate new economic initiatives that can revolutionize the technology applications. We anticipate Malaysia will lead the establishment of the global RFID industry in the future.