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Malaysia Microchip Committee ~ FEC Group

by Malaysia Microchip Committee and FEC Group


Protemp,has successfully rolled out an event entitled CARDEX ASIA 2005, for the 5th consecutive year since it was introduced in Malaysia in year 2000.

FEC and the MM Committee, alongside with ToppanForms and Frequensys, have been participating in the event, and have displayed and demonstrated various RFID technologies that are present in our product line, including the infamous MM Chip.

The Event:

The event was held on 17th to 19th May 2005, occupying the Ruang Legar PWTC, in which a total of 29 companies participated in exhibiting their products. Mainly the exhibitors were companies concerning with the smart card technology as well as the rapidly-growing RFID industry.

FEC / MMC Booth

  FEC / MMC Booth consisted of three different sections:

  1. 13.56 MHz products
  2. MM Chip
  3. Toppan Forms products

  1. 13.56 products

The section comprises display of FEC 13.56MHz Reader/Writer products as well as four separate demonstrations:

  • Point-Of-Sales demonstration system using FEC MRW-3010, demonstrating anticollision function of the I.CODE in which price of selected items can be scanned in less than a second;
  • Location Management demonstration system using FEC MRW-3010 (by Frequensys), a mini system that shows how RFID can track the location of crates within an inventory location;
  • ISO-15693 Function demonstration using FEC HRWI-201, shows the functionality of HRWI, the newest addition in our reader/writer product line;
  • K- CASH Bus Transportation System using K- CASH Load terminal, Payment terminal and Bus driver payment controller whereby the payment terminal uses FEC ORWM-3020 as the engine. The demo shows the actual working environment of card-based transportation payment, which has been already running in South Korea for the past 3 years.

2. MM Chip

This section displays the MM Chip samples, including MM Luggage Tag, MM Thread (on tobacco box), MM 6'' wafer, and the miniaturized reader module for the chip.

Apart from the samples display, there were also 2 demonstrations:

  • MM Chip multiband demonstration, that fundamentally shows that the MM Chip is capable too operate in 2 different bands simultaneously (2.45GHz and 13.56MHz)
  • IC Paper demonstration, that demonstrates how the sample roadtax with MM Chip (with on-chip antenna) embedded can be detected using a simple pen type antenna.

3. Toppan Forms

The area was specially designated for Toppan Forms, as this company is one of the prominent partners in the MM Project. In that particular space, they have these items being displayed:

  • 13.56MHz tags in various format and forms, including resin, PVC, PET, plastic, as well as ceramic.
  • Demonstration of metal compliance tag for 13.56MHz, in which a handheld reader was made ready for hands-on experiment by the visitors;
  • Demonstration of Smart Shelf, a system that can track the location of a specific document that was tagged with RFID whenever any user requested that from the controlling PC.
  • Demonstration of RFID card printer/encoder, in which visitors can actually see the card being printed, erased, re-printed and encoded with RFID information.

For further enquiries pertaining the demonstration content, availability and pricing please contact FEC.