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Conversion of UHF RFID On-Chip Antenna Success

20th September 2010 - FEC Incorporated*1 (FEC) has successfully embedded its patented On-Chip Antenna*2 (OCA) technology onto the NXP UCODE G2XM chip, thus creating the world’s first EPC C1G2 compliance, ISO18000-6C, RFID chip with OCA on-board. FEC is very honored to partnering with NXP Semiconductors on the development of this unique IC.

The EPCglobal Class 1 Generation 2 chips have been widely used in many applications, such as tagging of baggage, pallet, apparel and so on. With this new package released, we foresee a new frontier of applications to be derived.

The information in the NXP UCODE G2XM chip can be read via the embedded antenna on the 0.46 mm x 0.48 mm die size. This new package with its tiny form factor allows to be incorporated into objects where there is limited space and area available. The solution is used for authentication and brand protection of high value goods or documents.


•  Development Background

FEC has been developing the OCA products using the MM Chip*3 thus far, but unfortunately the MM Chip has its own proprietary specifications. Many potential customers have approached FEC and requesting for an OCA product which complies to the global standard. Through FEC’s associated company in Malaysia, FEC International (M) Sdn Bhd together with NXP, this project was initiated.

•  Product Features

The antenna is formed on the surface of the NXP G2XM chip, approximately 0.46mm x 0.48mm, and connected to the IC, using the FEC patented technology. This is sufficient to power up the IC and making it functional. Although the reading/writing distance is just about 1mm, almost at contact level, but this operation can be achieved by using a reader writer with merely 10mW output power. This is particularly suitable for usage in Japan, where low power regulation is observed and without requirements to apply for the permit to operate.

•  Future Development

We would like to roll out applications with potential partners and explore potential market globally. Of course we will also explore new requirements out there and develop new solutions as required.

•  Project partner NXP’s comments

“We are pleased about the close relationship which leveraged on the leading edge NXP chip technology along with the outstanding on chip antenna technology from FEC. The OCA part is a ready to use tiny RFID tag, ideal for authentication, brand protection and identification of objects and documents”, says Ralf Kodritsch, Marketing Manager, Tags & Labels, NXP Semiconductors.

*1. FEC Incorporated
Address: 1414 Higashi, Utsugi-machi, Kanazawa-Shi, Ishikawa, 920-0377, Japan
Representative: Mr. Kunioki Ichioka (Chief Executive Officer)

*2. On-Chip Antenna
Registered trademark of FEC. Antenna is formed on the IC chip.

*3. MM Chip
Registered trademark of FEC. The wireless RFID IC which was developed by FEC under the collaborative agreement with the Malaysian Government. The OCA technology was used in this chip and it has a proprietary protocol.

Please contact FEC International for product’s specifications and demo.