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Launching of the Malaysia Microchip Project, 24th February 2007
(by Senstech Sdn. Bhd.)

20070227_01.JPG - 8,781BYTES “Come out and show the world you can do it”. The call was made to the scientific fraternity by PM Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as he unveiled MM Chip, a microchip containing information that can be read by radio signals. The PM said local researchers, scientists and engineers should show the world that Malaysians have the ability to create technology and not just become efficient users.

He said that the applications are mind-boggling and limitless. The PM hopes the MM Chip-based application and solutions will not only be used in the country but also find a place in the global market. He urges government agencies to use it first before going abroad. The technology's many uses include product authentication, asset management, container tracking, animal tagging, patient tracking, electronic toll, logistics and warehousing, healthcare management and security access.

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A golf club embedded with MM Chip was presented to The PM Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi by national golfer 17-year-old Ainil Johani Abu Bakar (third from left). Watching him are Home Affairs Minister Dato' Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad (4th from right), Joint Chairman of Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MiGHT) Tan Sri Datuk Dr Ahmad Zaharudin Idrus and President of Might Technology Nurturing Sdn Bhd Datuk Ahmad Tasir Lope Pihie.



‘MM Chip' demonstration on the event

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  • MM Tag / hardware sample display
  • Medical system with MM Chip
  • Access control system with MM Chip
  • MM IC paper demonstration
  • Supply Chain Management with MM Chip
  • On Chip Antenna application demonstration
  • Baggage hHandling system with MM Chip

 Demo: Supply Chain Management20070224_04.JPG - 6,333BYTES

With MM Chip technology, goods can be tracked at carton, pallet and even item level. With RFID, a dock door, conveyor, forklift or workstation becomes an important data-collection instrument that can read and help reconcile the location and status of goods in the supply chain.


Demo: On Chip Antenna Application20070224_05.JPG - 7,217BYTES

MM Chip features On-Chip Antenna. This technology is an innovative way to fabricate the antenna on top of the RFID chip.The chip is very tiny and thin that it can be embedded into papers. Most microchips in market require external antenna which consume larger space. Since that MM Chip features OCA, consumers may find it very convenient as it saves space. The best example is embedding MM Chip into a test tube for medical and hospital applications.


Demo: Baggage Handling (e-baggage)20070224_06.JPG - 6,250BYTES

With MM Chip technology, airports will be able to carry out the best in reducing lost baggage, improve operation procedures and guarantee the security, thus aim at global standardization for next generation airport and promote industrial development.