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What we do


Since early 80's, FEC Inc. a company from Kanazawa district has strived to make itself known to the world by venturing into the RFID business.
Starting from antenna designs and evolving to micro-antenna, the company has comfortably positioned itself as one of the pioneers in RFID antenna industries. Recognized by various Japanese awards today FEC is proud to be one of the ground-breakers as we joint with Malaysian Government to realize the birth of MM Chip. More about FEC Inc.




Apart from developing the MM Chip, and its corresponding reader/writer, we offer application development services, where we identify how RFID can potentially benefit your organization. It is our priority to understand the need of your application, and to implement RFID with our recommended hardwares and solution.

Improved efficiency, robustness and visibility with RFID is our main goal.


We also believe in these fundemental obejctives :

  1. To enrich the Malaysian community by creating greater value to the economy, resulting innovation and productivity to grow side by side with new innovative technology.
  2. To prepare Malaysia to be part of the ubiquitous world.
  3. To implement greater security system to be featured at airports and transport terminals.